Foster A Cat

If you're not sure you are ready for the commitment of owning a cat, or you travel a lot, or if you just have a spare room you wouldn't mind lending to a little furry lodger, fostering may be a good way for you to get involved with Cats Protection.
You can read more about becoming a cat fosterer here and watch a video about what is involved below.


Fancy becoming a fosterer?

Fostering cats and kittens is very flexible and we are always happy to work around you and make things as easy as possible for our fosterers. If you’d like to find out more about this role please email our Volunteer Team Leader, Jess Wager, at

Hear from some of our fosterers

Dana and her husband Craig have been fostering for North London Cats Protection for 10 years. They regularly take in litters of kittens and their help is invaluable to us when we are inundated during kitten season, from February to October.

Fosterer Dana with five black and white kittens

Dana says, “I have enjoyed all the foster cats we have had over the years, but kittens are a special pleasure. To watch them develop from birth, begin to pick up sounds and start to see in focus. There are hours of fun as their wobbly first steps turn into dashing about and pouncing on their toys and each other. Occasional antics make us laugh out loud. 

Of course, there's also the business of teaching them about the world. Usually this is done by their mother, but if the kittens are orphans, then it's down to us. We have to teach them about using litter trays, eating, not splashing around in water and food dishes, how to climb up on to the sofa but not up the curtains or our jeans; the record is from the floor to my waist in under two seconds! The easy bits are taking the time to play with them and cuddle them, so they seek out your lap. We also make sure they have experience of visitors, children, the vacuum cleaner, and learn that the dining room table or the kitchen worktop is out of bounds. It’s all part of the reward of feeling you have given them a good start in life.”