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Helping your cat cope with firework season

02 November 2015
While firework displays are great fun for us human, they can be very distressing for our pets. Cats have much better hearing than humans, so they might be scared by fireworks far away that we don't even realise are being let off. With Bonfire Night looming if you have cats or kittens you should consider taking the following steps in November to keep them happy and safe.

  • Keep your cat shut inside during firework season, particularly at nighttime when fireworks are usually let off. Remember to keep windows closed and to lock your cat's catflap.
  • Make sure that your kitty has a place in which they can hide if they are scared, and don't try and encourage them to come out. They will reappear when they feel ready! If you're keeping them inside, make sure your cat has a litter tray in your home, near its safe hiding place.
  • Try and keep curtains drawn during firework displays to minimise the sound and flashes inside your home. You could also leave a TV or radio on to help cover the noises of fireworks outside.
  • Use a Feliway pheromone plug-in diffuser to calm your cat down. Plug it in a few days before fireworks are likely to be set off, and locate it in the room where your cat spends the majority of its time.
  • Before you let your cat outside in the morning, check your garden carefully for any firework debris. Fireworks can stay hot enough to burn a cat's mouth for a long time, and many contain heavy metals (which create their spectacular colour effects) that are highly poisonous and can be toxic if your cat licks them.
  • Have your cat microchipped so you stand a better chance of being reunited with them, in the unfortunate event that they run away from home while they are feeling scared.