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Helping your cat cope with firework season

02 November 2015

While firework displays are great fun for us human, they can be very distressing for our pets. Cats have much better hearing than humans, so they might be scared by fireworks far away that we don't even realise are being let off. With Bonfire Night looming if you have cats or kittens you should consider taking the following steps in November to keep them happy and safe. Keep your cat shut inside during firework season, particularly at nighttime when ...

New Homing Centre to open in south London

24 May 2015

Did you know we're expanding? Cats Protection will be opening a new Homing Centre in Mitcham, South London in July 2015. We are always on the lookout for volunteers in the area who are able to come along and dedicate some of their precious time to help us to look after the cats in our care. If you, or anyone you know living south of the river, are interested in finding out about volunteering at our new centre please visit the Mitcham Homing Centre website. ...

Do you know an animal hero?

28 September 2014

It’s almost time for the Daily Mirror and RSPCA Animal Hero Awards 2014 and nominations are now open for this year’s ceremony. Do you know a CP rescue cat who has gone above and beyond for their owner? Or perhaps a cat who has had a traumatic life and amazed you with their resilience? Or a CP volunteer who has made that life-changing difference to the cats in their care? There are many categories for which you can nominate a cat, individual, group...

Cats and TB - Media statement from Cats Protection

01 April 2014

Following news today of two people developing tuberculosis (TB) after contact with a cat infected with ‘Mycobacterium bovis’ (M. bovis), UK charity Cats Protection is keen to reassure people that the risk of contracting the disease from their pet is minimal. Information from Public Health England states that M. bovis is still uncommon in cats and the risk to public is “very low.” Many cats which have Mycobacterial infections have spontaneously-resolving ...